Ruane and DUP must stop preventing progress 11-plus

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has hit out at both the DUP and Caitríona Ruane for their failure to allow the Executive to discuss the 11-plus and her failure to bring forward detailed proposals respectively. His comments follow the DUP stopping the issue from being put on the Stormont Executive agenda, and Catríona Ruane’s failure explain her proposals and provide a timetable for bringing them to the Assembly.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “The farce over the 11-plus continues. Thanks to the failure of the Minister and the DUP, chaos and confusion are increasing for teachers, parents and children.

“The public needs answers and they need them now. Caitríona Ruane has again failed to provide details of her plans and again failed to set a date to bring them to the Assembly. The DUP have given her cover by not allowing the 11-plus issue onto the Executive agenda. They should have called her bluff and demanded clear details instead of letting the Minister off the hook.

“I don’t understand why the DUP would want to stall Caitríona. You’d think they would realise that the longer this vacuum exists, the more damage it’s doing to our education system.

“It appears after the refusal of the Maze project, and now this, that the Executive cannot deliver anything of significance for Northern Ireland. The public’s patience has run out with Caitríona Ruane. If as she says, she’s going to consult with advisors on what to do now, what has she been doing for the past year and a half?

“The DUP in the past said they would smash Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein, through Caitríona Ruane, appear to be destroying themselves alone, and at the same time are bringing anarchy to our education system. I have real fears for local pupils, parents and schools. They must not be left stuck in the middle of this sorry political game. We appear to be heading for another standoff. I urge both parties to show some maturity and leadership.”


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