Process of water privatisation unnecessary – McCarthy

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has slammed Government plans to privatise water without consultation, saying they amount to giving out shares in segregation.

The Strangford MLA stated: “The revelation that a private equity partner is being brought into the water reforms picture constitutes a further denial of democracy and surrender to segregation.

“This all boils down to having no locally accountable government. Parties can no longer sit back and squabble while unaccountable bureaucrats impose this on us. It is time they took responsibility for proving they can govern this country better.

“The first challenge will be to move away from the vast bills for segregated services being picked up by each and every homeowner – something the parties did nothing to reverse during the last period of devolution. The truth is that privatisation of water amounts to selling shares in segregation.

“We will continue to represent those people who wish to move away from segregation and away from water charges of any kind. That is the only way to make the books balance – in government, and in every household across our country.”


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