New gas deal must deliver value for money, not spin – Alliance

Alliance Assembly Member Kieran McCarthy has stated that the new gas price deal must deliver better value for money for the people of Northern Ireland. He said he hoped that it was not just a PR stunt and he hoped that it will deliver benefits to all. He stated that gas prices have risen to disgracefully high levels at a time when fuel poverty is a key issue. The comments come on the day that Ofreg Chief Executive, Iain Osborne, announced the new deal.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “There must be substance behind the spin which Ofreg have put on this deal. Local customers must get better value for money.

“I hope that this deal is not just a hollow publicity stunt and I hope that local people actually get some benefit from it.

“Recent gas price hikes have been disgraceful. On one hand we are trying to end fuel poverty and on the other, the gas companies are increasing gas prices to extortionate levels.

“If any ground can be made in combating fuel poverty, then such progress must be welcomed; however, it remains to be seen whether any real benefit will be derived from this deal.”


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