Alliance condemn tap tax terminology as discriminatory

Alliance Economy Spokesperson, Sean Neeson MLA, has slammed Water Service for considering derogatory and discriminatory systems for collecting water charges. He stated that the labelling of people in certain areas as ‘rock bottom’ and the fact that people in lower income areas might be given less time to pay bills are disgraceful. He said that these moves show that water charges must be scrapped for good. The BBC exposed the use of these terms by the company contracted to collect bills for Water Service.

The East Antrim Assembly Member stated: “I was totally shocked and disgusted when I heard that water service was even considering using such derogatory terms regarding the collection of tap tax bills.

“This type of language is defamatory and discriminatory. I was absolutely astounded that a government agency would countenance the use of such offensive terms.

“It is a disgrace that Water Service is also considering allowing families on low incomes less time to pay water bills than wealthier households. This is discrimination of the highest order.

“I wish to praise the General Consumer Council in their fight to stop water charges and I commend their hard work in protecting local consumers.

“These revelations underline the need for the tap tax to be scrapped. Water charges are unfair, and the manner of their collection is offensive to people in Northern Ireland. Water Service should be ashamed at the contempt they have shown for the local public.”


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