Water charges could lead to serious public health risk – Alliance

Alliance Party Spokesperson, Cllr Stewart Dickson, has blasted government plans for water charging and subsequent privatisation, stating that they could pose a serious public health risk. He stated some people using meters may unfortunately try to minimise mains water consumption and use alternative means of disposing of sewage. This, as documented in England, could lead to the dangerous spread of a number of virulent diseases.

The Carrickfergus Councillor stated: “Water charging could pose a serious public health risk. This risk will come from some people trying to find alternative water supplies and alternative means of disposing of raw sewage, in order to reduce their water bills. In some cases this could mean people drinking unsafe well water and disposing of sewage unsafely in septic tanks or drains.

“The effects of such measures are dangerous in the extreme. Virulent diseases can be spread like wildfire if people resort to such drastic measures in a bid to save money.

“All new housing and many existing houses will be fitted with water meters. Where metering exists in England it has been publicised in many documents that a public health risk is created.

“The main reason why water was publicly supplied in the first place was to protect public health and stop the spread of diseases like bubonic plague. Does the government want to put the public’s health at serious risk? I sincerely hope not.

“Plans for water charging must be scrapped immediately because they are grossly unfair and could pose a real risk to public health.”


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