Paint attack on teen ‘mocks rule of law’: Leonard

Alliance Party representative for South Belfast, Allan Leonard, has condemned a paint attack on a 14-year-old in the Village area of city on Sunday. Mr Leonard has said that the attack is not a form of justice, but a crime itself, and a mockery of the rule of law. He has called on witnesses to assist the police.

Mr Leonard said: “The paint attack on the teenager cannot be justified, but is a display of contempt to our proper system of justice.

“Such acts of so-called justice mock the rule of law. Community-based justice, for example restorative justice schemes, can only work when exercised through the police.

“This attack is reminiscent of the IRA’s tar and feathering of self-selected individuals.

“Instead, everyone must work to ensure we realise a society of respecting the rule of law, in a culture of lawfulness. In this instance, the duty is upon those who witnessed this crime to come forward and assist the police.”


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