Supporting police essential to stopping lawlessness: Bell

North Down Alliance MLA Eileen Bell has said all communities must support the police in order to end lawlessness across Northern Ireland. Her comments come after another night of violent attacks, including a vicious assault on two tourists in Belfast City Centre.

The Alliance Deputy Leader stated: “People are rightly alarmed by the growing lawlessness and thuggery in our society.

“The resolution of such disgusting acts is not helped, however, by the ongoing hindrance of police officers trying to stop this lawlessness.

“We hear a lot of talk of confidence-building measures which in fact reduce security. Would it not be good to see Sinn Féin deliver such a confidence-building measure, by initiating direct discussions with the PSNI and NIO with a view to ensuring all communities help and support the police?

“Elected representatives on all sides need to show the general public they are willing to take constructive action to end this cycle of mayhem and bring peace, stability and confidence to all.”


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