Opposition DCAL Spokesperson will attend GAA, if Poots refuses invites

Following Culture, Arts and Leisure Minister Edwin Poots’ reticence to commit to attending GAA matches, Alliance Shadow DCAL Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has asked the Minister if he will let him attend in his place, when invites are received. Edwin Poots revealed his reticence to attend these matches last week during Minister’s questions in the Assembly.

The Opposition DCAL Representative Mr McCarthy, who is a member of the Ballycran GAA club in Strangford, said: “Last week Edwin Poots revealed his reticence about attending GAA matches. If he receives any invites, I would be only too happy to attend in his place as Opposition Spokesperson on Culture, Arts and Leisure, to ensure that the GAA is given fair treatment within the Assembly.

“Only yesterday, we had an Ulster Council GAA official at the Assembly’s DCAL Committee, stating that the organisation wants to reach out to Unionists. Unionists must avail of this offer and build good relations with the GAA.

“The perfect way to do this would be for unionists to attend GAA matches and get a real feel for the sport. There are many areas in which other sports could learn from the GAA, for example, as regards the creation of a family atmosphere at grounds.

“The DCAL Minister must at least have a good relationship with, and a good knowledge of the GAA, to be able to do his job properly. He must reach out to them to show that he is capable of being a good all-rounder when it comes to local sport.”


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