Long slams Paisley over national stadium remarks

Alliance Party Sports Spokesperson Cllr Michael Long has hit out at First Minister Ian Paisley regarding his comments on the Ormeau Park stadium proposal and stated that there must be an open and fair competition on the location of the stadium. He called on Mr Paisley to clarify whether he made his remarks as Minister of Martyrs’ Memorial Church or as First Minister of Northern Ireland.

The Castlereagh Councillor said: “In what Ministerial capacity was Mr Paisley speaking when he made these comments, that of his Church, or that of his position as First Minister.

“I would like to seek clarification on what hat Mr Paisley was wearing when he made these remarks because this is an extremely important issue.

“It is a bit rich for him to rule out the Ormeau Park option simply because it might affect his Church on the Ravenhill Road.

“There simply must be an open competition on the matter of deciding the location of the new all-sports stadium. The decision-making process has to be fair, open and transparent.

“Irrespective of where the stadium is located, local people deserve the best stadium possible, as soon as possible, and the arena must be a genuinely shared space where everyone is welcome.”


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