Lo calls on McGuinness to get more young people involved in civic society

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has today thrown down the gauntlet to the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, calling on his Department, OFMDFM to put forward an action plan to encourage more young people to get involved in public bodies. Her request came during Deputy First Minister’s Questions in the Assembly today.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “Today, I asked the Deputy First Minister what he was going to do to encourage more young people to get involved in civic society.

Their views and vitality are essential to drive forward radical new ways for improving our society.

“Martin McGuinness, Ian Paisley and their Department, OFMDFM, have a duty to ensure that statutory groups are as representative of today’s society as possible.

“They must look at fresh new ways of encouraging more local young people from all backgrounds to get involved in the running of public bodies. I would like to see McGuinness and Paisley personally making it a priority within OFMDFM – young people often feel let down by local politicians, and getting them involved in decision-making is a way of making sure that their voices are heard.

“I want to see OFMDFM draw up an action plan on youth involvement, and I will keep the pressure on OFMDFM until measures are put forward to address this issue.”


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