Nicholl: We all have a responsibility to better inform ourselves around HIV

Belfast City Council will consider how to facilitate better prevention around awareness and prevention of HIV, thanks to Alliance Councillor Kate Nicholl.

A Councillor for South Belfast, Kate was backed by her colleague Emmet McDonough Brown in highlighting the growing numbers diagnosed in Northern Ireland each year and the stigma they continue to live with.

Kate Nicholl said: “When I was twelve years old a family friend died of AIDS, an event which had a profound effect on me, which is why I’m delighted to have secured this debate, shining a light on the stigma and myths that surround this illness.

“Positive Life NI have been undertaking important work in supporting and promoting positive living for people affected by HIV, but we all have a responsibility to do more, even if it is just better informing ourselves.”

Emmet McDonough Brown added: “HIV affects people across Northern Ireland so with only one dedicated charity working to support people diagnosed, it’s important we keep talking, keep raising awareness and keep supporting everyone living with this illness as we seek to secure respect and equality for everyone.”

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