Bombardier is the cornerstone of our manufacturing sector and must be protected, says Councillor McReynolds

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has urged Belfast City Council to do everything it can to support Bombardier, as a trade dispute which has the potential to seriously damage the company continues.

With over 4,200 employees across Northern Ireland, Peter said as ‘the cornerstone of our manufacturing sector’ Bombardier’s future must be protected, adding it was easy to get caught up in the various good news stories coming from the company in recent weeks.

“While it has been fantastic to hear news of new orders and potential economic boosts to local sites, we cannot forget the major implications of the on-going trade dispute – a move which places a number of jobs at risk.

“This is why it was important to hear directly from staff and Unions, and to listen to the real people behind the headlines. These are people with families, children, bills, mortgages, overheads, lives in work and outside of work and hopes and dreams for the future.

“This dispute is having a direct impact on local people – but they should know that Alliance is behind them. When the crisis first started, Naomi Long MLA and Chris Lyttle MLA were quick in writing to Prime Minster Theresa May, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Vice President Mike Pence to stress our absolute support for Bombardier and the staff throughout this dispute.

In the last few weeks, we have also met with the Unite, and GMB. I hope other Councillors can join us in keeping this item firmly on the agenda, signaling that an outcome that supports free, open and fair competition in the marketplace is the best outcome for all parties.”

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