Northern Ireland faces stark choice over Brexit deal, says Farry

Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has said Northern Ireland faces a stark choice over any Brexit deal.

Brexit talks between the UK Government and EU broke up yesterday without a deal. It was believed DUP opposition to border proposals led to the failure to agree with the EU negotiators.

Dr Farry said we were “now sitting at a major crossroads”.

“Brexit is a major challenge to the UK as a whole but particularly to Northern Ireland, which can only work based on sharing and interdependence. It is essential we have a Brexit deal which reflects our particular circumstances while putting into place whatever unique provisions are necessary to protect the Good Friday Agreement.

“If they are prepared to seize the moment over the coming days, political parties and civil society have the opportunity to land a Brexit deal in a way which Northern Ireland can be a bridge to both the markets in Great Britain and the EU, and in effect have the best of both worlds. If we don’t, we will give in to insular, ideologically-driven politics and see our economy stagnating, with our region becoming a peripheral backwater.

“Many people have worked incredibly hard over the past 25 years to deliver progress in this society and at present, Northern Ireland is being slowly pulled apart. It is incumbent on everyone to now show leadership and help find a way through this immense conundrum.”

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