NI should ignore those who are negative on green issues

South Antrim Alliance Candidate Alan Lawther has said that sustainability presents Northern Ireland with massive opportunities and in this election people should ignore those who cannot see the benefits it will deliver. He said Alliance will continue to push for Green New Deal to create thousands of jobs here.

Alan Lawther, who is the party’s Sustainability Spokesperson said: “Sustainability presents massive opportunities for Northern Ireland and we must grasp them. Those in other parties who see green issues as a problem are actually holding back our economy from growth and preventing us from ensuring lower energy costs.

“If we roll out large schemes to insulate homes we provide many construction job, save energy and lower people’s fuel bills. Everyone wins in this scenario but still some politicians will not let Northern Ireland move forward with this.

“The climate change sceptics would seek to deny us the chance to expand our economy because they refuse to get their heads around the issue. We have great natural resources here that can be harnessed to generate wind and wave power. We need to make the most of this to create new jobs and enrich our economy.

“Alliance has also led the push in our battle to have an independent Environmental Protection Agency created here. This is essential to protect our wildlife and spectacular countryside.

“Send the strongest message to the naysayers on 6 May that you want a shared future and a sustainable economy and vote Alliance.”


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