Long says poll shows UCUNF project has failed

East Belfast Alliance candidate Naomi Long has stated that the UCUNF project has failed following the results of an opinion poll showing that only slightly more than half of all Conservative and Unionist supporters want Conservative Leader David Cameron as Prime Minister.

Naomi Long said: “This opinion poll has proved what people have known for ages – that many UUP supporters aren’t happy with the Conservative link up. If they are angry with what their party has done then I suggest they vote for another party on polling day – a party that will deliver for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“The David Cameron project, right across the UK, is wobbling as people realise the devastating impact his cuts would have from day one if he becomes Prime Minister. UUP supporters can see that their party has sold its soul to the Tories for nothing except cuts in Northern Ireland.

“It was quite clear that the UUP leadership did not take into account their grass roots support when deciding to go ahead with this link. The public will want to support parties that put Northern Ireland first and this could have a very serious impact on the Conservative and Unionists vote.

“People were confused and amused at this move from day one when they came up with the ridiculous UCUNF name for their link-up, which now appears to have been dropped. Since that inauspicious start, this group has lurched from one disaster to the next, like losing their sole MP or the South Antrim selection fiasco which saw Reg flee East Belfast. On 6 May people will want to vote for a party that works instead of one that cannot even make itself work effectively.”


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