McCarthy to lead Stormont rally to save Ballynahinch speech therapy centre

Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy is tomorrow leading a protest at Stormont which aims to save the Ballynahinch-based I Can centre which helps school children with speech therapy. The centre could be forced to close if it loses the threatened £85,000 from the Education board and the protest is taking place at 10am at Stormont on Tuesday morning (tomorrow).

Kieran McCarthy said: “This is a vital service for the local community and losing it would severely damage the quality of life of many local children who rely on this excellent resource. That why we are leading a protest at Stormont tomorrow against the decision to cut funding for this project.

“The I Can centre provides the support to allow children to stay on in their own schools and if it did not exist there would be real uncertainty and upheaval for both the children and their parents.

“£85,000 to keep a great initiative like this going is next to nothing when you consider how much is being wasted on maintaining a divided society every year. This centre will close unless we get a positive result and it would be a disgrace if such an important service were lost because such a relatively small sum of money could not be provided. I am hoping for strong support from other politicians and I hope we can win this battle for the I Can centre.”


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