Ford says its Naomi or Robinson: you decide

Alliance Leader David Ford has said people have a choice between the politics of the past and the politics of the future on election day saying that Naomi Long can be the first non-tribal MP from Northern Ireland in decades.

David Ford said: “The people of East Belfast have a clear choice to make on Thursday between the politics of the future and the politics of the past.

“This race is between Naomi and Peter Robinson and the people in the area can create a new era in politics here if they back Naomi.

“Reg Empey fled East Belfast after he was defeated by Naomi in 2007 and Trevor Ringland will not improve their situation in this election.

“This is the best chance in a generation for Northern Ireland to have a non-tribal MP. Let’s make headlines and show the world that Northern Ireland has moved away from the tired old tribal arguments to a new, shared future.

“People want a fresh new approach to tackling the issues that affect everyone and Naomi provides solutions where others deliver stalemates.”


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