How can anyone defend devastating Tory cut plans?

Strangford Alliance candidate Deborah Girvan has asked how anyone can defend Cameron’s cut plans which will see £60-100 million being lost to our economy in next year. She said his plans would force Northern Ireland into a deep economic abyss.

Deborah Girvan said: “Independent experts say Tory plans would take £60-100million out of the Northern Ireland economy within the next year. That is an extremely scary prospect for people here.

“This type of loss would deal a devastating blow to our recovery plans and would cast Northern Ireland deeper into the recession abyss, just as we are looking to get out it. This type of economics will have very serious and far-reaching ramifications for Northern Ireland.

“After David Cameron displayed his true intentions to Jeremy Paxman, people here really know what the Conservatives and Unionists are all about. I am stunned that their local representatives scan stand over his comments at all.

“People in Northern Ireland are scared about what will happen to our economy if the Conservative and Unionists’ plans are implemented. If people want a party that will deliver sustainable economic growth and oppose reckless cuts they should vote Alliance.”


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