Newtownabbey Mayor shocked at cost of vandalism in the area

Newtownabbey Mayor Lynn Frazer has expressed her shock and disgust that 87 incidents of vandalism at schools in Newtownabbey have taken place since April.

Alliance Party Councillor, Lynn Frazer, said: “I am shocked and disgusted at the cost of repairing vandalised property in the Newtownabbey in the last year.

“The vast majority of these acts of vandalism are being committed by 8, 9 and 10 year old children. At that age, parents should know where their children are and should ensure that they are prevented from committing such acts.

“This £1 million spent repairing vandalised school property has to come out of the education budget. This means that local children are being hit hard by these incidents. It means less teachers in local schools and less books in local libraries.

“This is a serious problem for the Newtownabbey area and I commend local police on their efforts to stop this wanton destruction of property.”


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