Lessons must be learned from averted tragedy on Bann Bridge – Boyle

Alliance Party Chair Yvonne Boyle has cautioned that lessons must be learned concerning safety near water, after a tragedy was averted by quick thinking in Coleraine.

A 70-year-old woman fell into the River Bann while feeding swans, and was saved by a passer-by. Both were assisted by the coastguard and taken to hospital.

Yvonne Boyle stated: “This event illustrates just how dangerous the water can be. We have had several tragedies in the sea in the Coleraine area in recent years, and we are fortunate that this one was averted on the river.

“The German gentleman who helped out the woman after she fell into the river deserves the utmost praise. He has helped avoid a truly appalling outcome.

“Now that this tragedy has been avoided, we must learn the lessons. Structurally, areas near the water can be improved. But most of all, perhaps, we all need to be certain about what we are doing near rivers and the sea. The water is a dangerous place to spend time unless we are absolutely certain of the conditions around it.

“I understand both people involved have been taken to hospital, and I wish them both a quick recovery.”


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