Alliance slams Ards playpark selloff stating that local people’s views have been ignored

Strangford Alliance Party MLA, Kieran McCarthy, has slammed Ards Councillors that voted to sell of a playpark in Portaferry and other key areas of public-owned land. Nine pieces of public land are being sold off and they might now turn into building sites for property developers. Ards council are set to consult local people on the selloff.

Ards Councillor Kieran McCarthy said: “This decision to sell off a children’s playpark and other key pieces of public land is a disgrace. Those that voted for the sell-off should be ashamed of themselves.

“Local children and parents are very upset at this move. Their strength of feeling was shown at a recent public meeting where many turned up to show how popular this playground is. This public meeting illustrated the outrage at all the planned land selloffs, however these local people have been disgracefully ignored.

“I hope that this consultation will be comprehensive, because if the Council listens to local people they will get a clear response – do not sell our land.

“These areas are well used and appreciated by local people. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for the land to be sold off against the public’s wishes.”

“I cannot believe the sheer gall of the councillors who voted to sell this land which belongs to the public. All that we might have there now are building sites and more houses for property developers.”


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