New voters are good news, but many on register are disillusioned

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA, has welcomed news that over 40,000 new voters have been added to the latest electoral register but he said that many of them are disillusioned with local politics and may not vote. He said that they are fed up with tribal timewasting and stagnation, but stated that their vote can stop these problems.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “Its good to hear that over 40,000 new voters have been added to the electoral register since it was last published in December.

“Now, the challenge is getting everyone who is registered out to vote and ensuring that those who have not registered do so in future.

“Many people choose not to vote or register because they are sick of tribal bickering and stagnation. These people should realise that their vote can make the difference in helping end sectarianism and getting Northern Ireland working for everyone.

“There is a clear alternative to the stagnation of the four sectarian parties and that is Alliance. We want genuine and sustainable power-sharing so that we can make the right decisions and deliver the best services for everyone in Northern Ireland. Like many local people we are sick of tribal timewasting and sectarian carve-ups – we want to move Northern Ireland forward now.”


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