Alliance backs Irish Government funding and calls for UK treasury to improve its plans

Alliance Economy Spokesperson, Séan Neeson MLA, has welcomed Irish government’s National Development Plan which promised 800 million pounds of funding for projects in Northern Ireland. He also said that the British Government should be trying to cut corporation tax and provide a better peace dividend, as local people deserve more. The Irish Government’s National Development Plan funding for Northern Ireland will be invested over a seven-year period in a number of project areas.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “This funding from the Irish Government will provide a massive boost for Northern Ireland. It gives us extra scope for cooperation with the Republic of Ireland in a number of key areas.

“Now, we need to see the British Government cut corporation tax to boost local business and come up with a better package of funding to help us deliver the peace dividend everyone in Northern Ireland deserves.

“This Irish Government cash gives Northern Ireland the go ahead for further collaboration on research and development projects which can help put Northern Ireland up there with the best in the world in this sector.

“It will also help us work together to provide the highest quality education and training in highly specialised subjects.

“This plan will hopefully help us to forge stronger business links with the Republic of Ireland and given the strength of their economy, this cash will hopefully ensure the creation of exciting new opportunities within Northern Ireland.

“Any assistance for improving infrastructure locally is to be wholeheartedly welcomed. I am pleased that the Irish Government will work in partnership with the Northern Ireland Assembly on these new projects.”


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