Alliance Leader expresses disgust at internet bullying footage

Alliance Leader and South Antrim MLA David Ford has expressed shock and disgust at a filmed attack on a school pupil and has called for a crackdown on bullying. The footage which was posted on the internet shows a child, wearing the uniform of Parkhall College in Antrim, being punched and kicked by an older student.

David Ford said: “These images are shocking and this story brings home to all of us the fact that such incidents are taking place on our doorstep and must be tackled urgently.

“Bullying is a major problem in schools across the country. Technology like camera phones and the internet has underlined this problem and has probably exacerbated it.

“Some children unfortunately take great pleasure in recording attacks on others and showing the footage to people. This is an extremely disturbing trend and school teachers and parents alike must be vigilant to protect our children against such attacks.”


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