Neeson shock at Carrickfergus armed robbery

Alliance East Antrim MLA Seán Neeson has condemned the armed robbery of a shop in Carrickfergus on Tuesday night. A man with a handgun forced three members of staff and a customer into a store room in the shop in Hawthorne Grove before making off with a sum of money.

Sean Neeson MLA: “The community is very shocked at this robbery. This must have been like torture for the people who were forced into the store room, as they would not have known what would happen to them. It was a horrifying ordeal any my thoughts are with them as they come to terms with the incident.

“People should be able to go about their everyday work and feel safe. The culprit is obviously an extremely dangerous individual and I would urge anybody with information to contact police immediately, so that this man can be taken off our streets.”


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