Neeson says Green New Deal is essential to boost construction

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Sean Neeson MLA has said that following the massive 40% reduction in the capital spending budget for the Northern Ireland Executive in yesterday’s Comprehensive Spending Review, the creation of a Green New Deal is essential to boost the construction sector.

Sean Neeson MLA said: “Given the massive cut in capital spending for Northern Ireland we need to take brave and radical steps to assist the construction sector.

“The creation of a Green New Deal would deliver a large programme of home and business insulation which would be a real boost to our construction sector. A Green New Deal is essential for Northern Ireland so that we can reach our job potential whilst protecting the environment.

“The construction sector is not just about bricks and mortar, it can play a pivotal role in our efforts to make Northern Ireland a leader in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability.

“Times will be tough in the next few years but our politicians must show leadership and vision to help grow our economy and create jobs.”


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