Neeson hopeful about cuts in energy bills

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has called on heating and energy companies to lower prices given that some of the world markets appear to be improving from a consumer perspective. Decisions on electricity and gas prices will be announced in the coming days.

East Antrim MLA Seán Neeson said: “I would call on energy companies to pass on any savings they are making to the customer as this has been a particularly difficult time for people in Northern Ireland. The public must benefit from any positive market environment in the energy sector.

“Indications in some sectors appear positive at present and I will be very disappointed if some of our energy providers do not step up to the mark and deliver better value for money for people. With the difficulties presented by the downturn and the high cost of food shopping bills, any decrease in energy or heating costs would be a boost for people here.”


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