Lo sadness that Portadown Indian family want to leave

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said she is deeply worried at news that some Indian families in an estate Portadown have said they want to leave the area, following attacks on two houses in the Killicomaine estate last week.

Anna Lo said: “This is extremely troubling. We cannot have another situation in which people feel they cannot stay in their homes because of fear and intimidation. We must not have a repeat of the type of story that brought shame on Northern Ireland earlier this year.

“It is despicable to think that two children were in the house when one of the attacks took place and one can only imagine how traumatic this must have been.

“I can understand why these families might want to move out and it is deeply sad that the actions of a few thugs have made them want to move away from the area. I would hope, however, that those who carried out these attacks can be caught quickly by police and that the families decide to stay in the estate.

“I would call on police to step up their patrols in the area to provide reassurance to these families at this extremely difficult time.”


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