Neeson demands answers on Kilroot clean-up bill

Alliance East Antrim Representative, Séan Neeson has called for answers over the Kilroot powerstation clean-up bill stating that the government must foot the bill, not local people. It has been stated that consumers will have to pay for flue gas desulfurisation at Kilroot power station and Mr Neeson says this is grossly unfair and that the beneficiaries of privatisation, the government, must pay the bill.

Ald Séan Neeson said: “This is a ridiculous and grossly unfair situation.

“It should not be consumers paying for this clean-up, it should be the treasury, because they benefited from the electricity sell-off.

“The desulfurisation is being carried out to cut down CO2 which Alliance welcomes; however, we believe the government must pay for it.

“Its up to Gordon Brown to foot the bill on this one because local people are are having cash taken from them left, right and centre by this government, and I will not stand for it.

“I intend to meeting at the power stat on Monday to discuss the current situation to get an update on who will be paying the bill.”


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