GAA clubs should be mixed

In response to the idea put forward by the President of the GAA, Nickey Brennan, East Londonderry Alliance Candidate Barney Fitzpatrick has stated that it would be far better to have mixed GAA clubs instead of creating new ones for Protestants only.

Barney Fitzpatrick said: “I would rather that the President of the GAA encouraged clubs to be mixed instead of calling on Protestants to set up their own.

“I would strongly encourage Protestants to play GAA and would like to see everyone participating in local clubs.

“The GAA has made many positive moves over recent years and I recognise that Nickey Brennan has made this comment with the best of intentions; however, we need more sharing as opposed to more separation.

“The GAA is to be commended for allowing rugby and soccer to use Croke Park and they have made good progress as regards community relations.

“As a former police officer, I remember many years ago advocating that rule 21 should be abolished as it was a hindrance to reconciliation in the community. I also indicated that many officers in the police service were interested in forming a GAA club and I am very glad that moves have been made in this direction.”


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