Charles Kennedy joins Alliance on the campaign trail today

Charles Kennedy, the former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, will today hit the campaign trail in Northern Ireland with the Alliance Party. Alliance Leader David Ford said that he is very pleased to have Charles Kennedy visiting today and backing Alliance as the only alternative to stale tribal politics.

David Ford said: “Its great to have Charles Kennedy with us today.

“I am very pleased that he is with us on the campaign trail promoting Alliance as the only alternative to tribal politics.

“The only way that stable and genuine power-sharing can be secured is by having a strong Alliance team at the heart of government.

“We are also only party that is truly committed to creating a shared future in Northern Ireland and ending the harmful segregation that has cost local taxpayers billions down the years.

“Local people are sick of the stalemates and opportunities lost because of the failures of the tribal parties. On 7 March, the people of Northern Ireland have a chance to give stagnation the red card – by voting Alliance.

“A vote for Alliance is a vote for real progress and a vote against tribalism.”


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