Time to vote to share power, not divide it

Alliance East Antrim Representative Stewart Dickson has stated that only Alliance can ensure that power sharing is genuine and only Alliance can make it work. Mr Dickson said it is important that anyone who wants a shared future should vote Alliance, as they will be able can gain a second seat in East Antrim and potentially get into the Executive.

The East Antrim Alliance candidate said: “Only Alliance is in a position to ensure that power is genuinely shared. Alliance is the only alternative to tribal politics. It is essential that local people vote to return a strong Alliance team, to ensure we are at the heart of government to secure real power-sharing.

“The spoils of any election which does not see Alliance at the centre of government will be the sectarian carve up between the tribal parties.

“The power to safeguard a shared future lies with the voter. They know that only Alliance can ensure genuine and stable powersharing and for everyone in Northern Ireland.”


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