Neeson backs creation of rates working group

Alliance Party Economy Spokesperson, Sean Neeson, supports the establishment of a rates working group for Northern Ireland. The creation of the group will be announced by Peter Hain today.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “I am pleased that there is all-party agreement in support of the manufacturing industry in Northern Ireland, and that a group will be formed to examine the issue of rates.

“Alliance will work tirelessly to break the political stalemate in Northern Ireland, to ensure that the Assembly will deal with the issue of rates instead of Direct Rule Ministers.

“With global competition so strong at the moment, incentives for business in Northern Ireland are extremely important.

“Northern Ireland has to compete with companies from the Republic of Ireland that benefit from lower corporation tax, so it is essential that we do everything in our power to assist companies from Northern Ireland.

“Alliance wishes to provide tax incentives to stimulate local economic growth and help local businesses. Alliance wants to see the Assembly being given tax-varying powers, to ensure that local economic decisions can be made locally, in order to assist Northern Ireland companies more that the current system does.”


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