Alliance Leader slams Hain’s IRA non-criminality claim

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has condemned the Secretary of State for being too quick in stating that the IRA has ceased centrally-organised criminality. David Ford spoke in the wake of Peter Hain’s comments after his meeting with Irish Government Ministers today.

The South Antrim Assembly Member said: “This statement is unhelpful and it will not change the minds of those sceptical about IRA activity ending.

“We have suffered in the past, when Ministers have acted as cheerleaders for paramilitary organisations, and made positive comments when they have not been justified.

“This is yet more soundbite politics from Peter Hain. Whatever the motivation of Minister, it is time he realised that the sceptics are not listening to him.

David Ford concluded: “Mr Hain should not undermine or second-guess the work of the IMC. He needs to leave such statements to IMC, as it is their role, and their role only, to report on paramilitary criminality.”


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