Need for thousands of new homes across Belfast, says Armitage

There is a need for 66,000 new houses across Belfast by 2035, Alliance Councillor David Armitage has said.

Councillor Armitage was speaking during a motion he brought at Belfast City Council last night (Wednesday). The motion, which went to Committee without debate, called on statutory agencies to review their land ownership to help identify any surplus land suitable for housing. Consideration would then be given to making the land available to meet identified need.

“Housing is the key to lift people out of poverty. It can be the catalyst to improve the health, especially mental health, of communities, while eradicating inequalities and creating a more dynamic and confident city,” said Councillor Armitage.

“Belfast is a city for all and its housing should meet the needs of its citizens. Estimates are 66,000 people will need homes to be built by 2035. To do this in a way which provides good living space, creates a positive community and caters for wellbeing, Belfast City Council needs to set the agenda in a clear and practical way.

“I am calling on all agencies within this city to work with us so this can be achieved, and Belfast and its citizens can benefit. If any agency has any land which can be utilised for housing, whether social, affordable or private, within the city boundaries, then we should aim to use it for shared housing for all, regardless of community background, race, ethnicity or religion.”

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