Alliance urges UK Government to convene cross-party group on Brexit

Alliance has urged the UK Government to convene a cross-party group to help mitigate the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.

East Antrim MLA Stewart Dickson said such a working group would be in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, an important factor in its 20th anniversary year.

“Brexit has the potential to undermine the entire political stability of Northern Ireland, which is clearly already apparent. The Good Friday Agreement is based on by the ability of people to engage on both a north-south and east-west basis, empowered by the Single Market and four fundamental freedoms. Brexit, particularly a hard Brexit, entails new divisions and barriers.

“Due to the ongoing political impasse, Northern Ireland is less represented at Brexit discussions than Scotland and Wales, despite being the only part of the UK with an EU land border. This is compounded by the Government appearing to take advice on this matter from the DUP, who represent the minority Brexit view here.

“A cross-community, cross-party working group on Brexit is the best route by which the full breadth of political opinion on Brexit can be heard. It would also be in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement and the cooperation it enshrines.”

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