Alliance backs boxing funding for next 12 months

The Alliance Party has backed boxing clubs across Belfast, agreeing £200,000 in funding to be allocated to the boxing strategy in the upcoming financial year.

Group Leader Michael Long said the decision would allow local clubs associated with the IABA to continue delivering on the existing boxing strategy whilst a new overall Sports Development Strategy is being developed along with a related funding mechanism.

He added: “The Alliance Party was happy to back funding for boxing clubs for the next 12 months, building on the great work that has been undertaken in the first few years of the strategy. As the 10 year plan is at the midway point we also have asked that an emphasis is put on making boxing more self-sustaining in future years.

‘We also backed plans for Council officers to meeting with representatives of the NIBA (Northern Ireland Boxing Association) to assess ways the Council can assist them.

“With Belfast producing some world-class boxers, I hope this move will help deliver the next generation of Belfast’s boxing stars.”

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