Alliance aims to further increase transparency at Belfast City Council

Meetings of Belfast City Council Area Working Groups should be audio recorded to make them more open to public scrutiny, East Belfast Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has said.

East Belfast Councillor Mr McReynolds was speaking ahead of bringing a motion to the Council tonight (Wednesday) calling for all Area Working Group meetings to be recorded for public consumption. The Groups, which are split into North, South, East and West Belfast, allocate money to projects in each area.

“We must make sure decision-making environments are as accessible to the public as possible. We have started this process already with the web streaming of the full Council meetings each month, as well as the audio recording of Committee meetings,” he said.

“Unfortunately, despite increasing openness and transparency at Belfast City Council, only the minutes have been available for the Area Working Group meetings since their formation. This is not acceptable and needs updating, which this motion can achieve.

“I have seen first-hand the positive work the East Belfast Area Working Group carries out by funding worthwhile organisations but most decisions taken there see the groups receive the allocated funding. This makes the transparency of the Working Groups all the more important, by letting the public know how decisions and funding allocations are decided.

“I want to see this Council raise the bar once more and be as open and transparent to the public as possible, demonstrating we respect their hard-earned money and we allocate it in an open, fair and transparent manner.”

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