Muir keeps up the fight to plug the Kinnegar pong

North Down Alliance MLA Andrew Muir is keeping up the pressure to plug the pong pervading areas of Holywood from Kinnegar to Strathearn, Belfast Road and beyond.

Commenting on ongoing efforts to address the stink, Andrew Muir MLA stated “Awful sewage malodours reappeared a number of months ago with real vengeance but as of yet it’s been impossible to identify the source with local residents forced to endure pungent smells day and night.

“Following my efforts to secure investment of £4.5million to upgrade the Kinnegar Sewage Treatment Plant and end pumping of raw sewage into the nearby Lagoons I am appalled that local people have to experience the powerful pongs once again.

“After failing to identify the source following significant and sustained engagement with Northern Ireland Water I made contact with Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency who undertook investigations without any success but reported:

“I understand that my staff have previously explained that the tidal mudflats and lagoons are subject to a limited exchange of water. During the summer months this limitation coupled with the presence of nutrients has the potential to cause eutrophication, leading to the growth of plants and algae. The natural decay of this vegetation will deoxygenate the water which can cause the release of gas that is similar to a smell of sewage and this could potentially be the source of the odour.

“Whilst I appreciate NIEA’s work and findings these add little comfort to local residents enduring the maldours. I have therefore now made contact Ards and North Down Borough Council’s Environmental Health Department who are undertaking their own investigations. I hope these yield both findings and solutions because local people deserve much better than the current situation.”