McReynolds secures support for Universal Basic Income

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has said he is “absolutely delighted” to secure support from Belfast City Council for a Universal Basic Income and a feasibility study into what a trial would look like here.

Peter was speaking after the latest meeting of Belfast City Council saw all Party’s but the DUP – whose members abstained – support the move aimed at designing and delivering a UBI for Northern Ireland as a response to the economic impact of Coronavirus.

He added: “It’s truly fantastic to see this motion pass in Belfast tonight, allowing us to move forward in making a fairer system a reality for all those who need it.

“UBI means a regular fixed amount of money paid to every citizen regardless of their circumstances and guaranteeing economic security for everyone, and there is already significant research and pilots across globe for us to look at and learn from.

“Many consider UBI to be this generation’s NHS, which is why it was even more important for Council to back this motion, showing our commitment to a more progressive economy for all, and the positives we could see in tackling poverty, inequality and mental health.

“Coronavirus didn’t just shift the goalposts, it ripped them up from the ground and ran off with them and we need to be creative in how we ensure everyone in our society is protected from the impact – a UBI could be a real game changer for Belfast and Northern Ireland.”