Alliance calls for urgent removal of fallen tree limbs at Twisel Bridge Holywood

Local Alliance Party Representatives have asked for urgent action to be taken to remove two fallen tree limbs which are partially blocking the pathway at Twisel Bridge Holywood.

Commenting on the issue, Councillor Martin McRandal said: “The tree limbs fell in mid-July. Since then Council have been working with other agencies to establish ownership and liability. In the past couple of weeks we escalated the need to urgently resolve these matters with Council Officers. The tree limbs represent a safety hazard, particularly now that our young people are back to school.”

Andrew Muir MLA stated: “Rather than passing the buck central and local government need to work together to get these obstructions removed and enable use of the popular route known locally as the ‘Kissing Bridge’ My office will continue to lobby the Department for Infrastructure to take action until these fallen trees are gone.”

Councillor Gillian Greer added: “I am pleased to see that progress is now being made, but the length of time taken to try and resolve this issue is disappointing.”