Muir calls for action concerning Bangor’s Graffiti Gateway

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir wants the Roads Service to clean up it’s act and remove graffiti at key Gateway into Bangor. The Alliance representative reported graffiti under the Springhill Flyover on 17 August 2010 and has now received a reply from a Senior Roads Service Official detailing that “removal of graffiti of a general nature cannot be justified”. Cllr Muir is concerned that this sets a dangerous precedent applicable across Northern Ireland and has asked authorities to re-think their decision.

Cllr Muir stated “A number of weeks ago graffiti appeared under the Springhill Flyover on the Belfast Road which leads directly into Bangor Town Centre from main Belfast to Bangor Road. I promptly contacted the Roads Service and was informed that offensive aspects would removed when resources allow.

“With all the graffiti still remaining including sectarian aspects I again contacted the Roads Service requesting prompt removal but no action was forthcoming. When I threatened to paint over the offensive graffiti myself action mysteriously took place with the paramilitary makings covered up on 12 October.

“We now have a situation where the pillars supporting the Springhill Flyover are smothered in graffiti, the Roads Service have their heads in the sand and refuse to take action with the problem now getting worse. In the last few days the gateway is also proving a magnet for fly posters.

“The Belfast Road is a key gateway into Bangor which welcomes many people who live, work or visit Bangor on a daily basis. Failure to remove this graffiti sends out an awful message has the potential to deter visitors and businesses from investing in Bangor when we badly need jobs. Many people have contacted me in relation to the graffiti and are outraged that government is refusing to act.

“I condemn outright those who painted this graffiti, especially the sectarian aspects. This kind of behaviour is the last thing we need as we battle to build a Shared Society and grow our economy. They should be pursued with vigour by the Police.

“I do however urge the Roads Service to reconsider their decision and deploy resources to remove this awful graffiti without any further delay. Their decision to not remove graffiti of a general nature sets a dangerous precedent and I hope they re-think their flawed decision”.


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