Modern community policing for Short Strand is way forward

Pottinger Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron has welcomed the Policing Board decision to progress with the rationalisation of the police estate, which will include the closure of Mountpottinger Police Station in East Belfast.

Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron said: “The priority use for scarce policing resources must be in front-line policing and the East Belfast District Policing Partnership therefore recommended this as the right and responsible decision for the Policing Board to take.

“The disproportionately large police estate acts a major distortion in the application of resources and a station in itself does not provide improved community safety. It is a properly equipped, mobile and flexible organisation that will achieve this aim.

“I understand that people might be concerned that this decision will mean a loss of police provision and I have therefore sought detailed proposals from the PSNI as to how modern and innovative community policing will be delivered for the people of this area.

“I will continue to work with the local community to ensure they get the police service they deserve and would encourage the release of the Mountpottinger Police Station site for community use as soon as possible.”


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