Long supports objection to KFC drive through

East Belfast Alliance MLA, Cllr Naomi Long has expressed her disgust at the recommendation of Planning Service to approve the construction of a KFC drive through restaurant at the junction of the Upper Newtownards Road and Knock Hill Park. The recommendation came despite a series of meetings which she facilitated between Planners and objectors over the last year, when residents presented substantive and detailed objections to the proposal. She is calling on Planning Service to reconsider.

Naomi Long MLA said: ‘The recommendation by Planning Service to approve this application was deferred by all the local Councillors at the Town Planning Committee last week, to allow Councillors and objectors to meet with the Planners about the proposal. My colleagues and I continue to strenuously oppose this application and support residents’ objections to it.

“This is a predominantly residential part of the Upper Newtownards Road and is very close to homes in Knock Hill Park, so commercial development must take account of the significant impact on local residents. The idea that noise, disturbance, lighting, traffic, litter and odours potentially generated by a drive through restaurant would not have a harmful impact upon both the quality of life of local people and upon the integrity of the area of townscape character immediately abutting the site is, to my mind, utterly ludicrous.

“We all want to see the site developed but this is not an acceptable proposal. Previous approvals for mixed use residential and retail offered a more sustainable option and I would urge the Planners to reconsider their views on this drive through.”


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