Long says there must be no delay in spectator laws following clashes

Alliance Party Sports Spokesperson Cllr Michael Long has said that there must be no delays in implementing the proposed sports spectator laws following clashes at Coleraine station on Saturday evening. Alliance has called for such legislation for a number of years and wants to see the planned laws implemented as quickly as possible.

Cllr Michael Long said: “Saturday’s trouble illustrates what can potentially happen outside of sport grounds. We have had to wait long enough for sports spectator laws and we need to see these proposed measures introduced as quickly as possible.

“If football fans get involved in trouble on their way to or from grounds then the measures must be put in place to punish them appropriately. If we will soon be able to ban fans who cause trouble in stadiums, then there must be no loophole concerning fans involved in violence outside or near grounds. I hope that the new legislation takes account of such an eventuality.”


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