McNamee fury at Minister’s failure to defer City Airport passenger decision

Victoria Alliance Councillor Laura McNamee has hit out at the decision from Environment Minister Edwin Poots to lift the cap on passenger number cap at Belfast City Airport .

Cllr Laura McNamee said: “This is totally the wrong time to make a decision like this. The Minister should have done as the recommendation from Environment Committee stated and waited until the public inquiry into the runway.

“Has there been any consultation over lifting the passenger cap? From what I can see there’s been none at all, and that is an absolute disgrace.

“This decision will further damage public relations between the airport and the local community. This will also probably cause further disruption for residents and for local schools. We also need to be told what impact it will have on Victoria Park – the one real green space the people of Sydenham have.

“While we understand the value of the airport, people also need to think of local residents.

“The Minister is pandering to business ahead of the needs of the people affected by this change. Where is the fairness in all this? The Minister should have waited until the inquiry or after before he made a decision on this.”


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