Decision on cap on City Airport passengers should have been deferred

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said the Environment Minister should have listened to the Stormont Environment Committee’s call to defer removing the cap on passenger numbers for Belfast City Airport, saying this issue should only be considered as part of the public inquiry into the runway extension. His comments come after Edwin Poots decided to lift the cap.

Chris Lyttle MLA, who is also Alliance ‘s Environment Spokesperson said: “Around a month and a half ago, the Environment Committee’s called for the Minister to defer removing the cap on passenger numbers at the airport so that it can be considered in conjunction with or after the runway extension. Why has the Minister gone against this pragmatic and useful recommendation?

“People have massive fears about more noise pollution and we needed to examine this issue carefully and comprehensively. We need full consultation on this important issue.

“The issue of the cap should have only been considered as part of or after the public inquiry. I am deeply disappointed that the Minister has taken this decision independently of and ahead of the inquiry.”


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