McCarthy welcomes environmental all clear for Strangford renewable energy generator

Alliance Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy has welcomed the report which gives the environmental all clear to the renewable energy generator in Strangford Lough. The tidal energy turbine was put in place in 2008 but had restrictions placed on it until its environmental impact was known.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I am glad that this report has now been given the all clear for this turbine to provide renewable energy for local homes to its full potential. It is a great project and shows the potential benefits that other renewable energy projects can have for our economy.

“Renewable energy is the only alternative to our over reliance on fossil fuels. It will improve our energy security and will ensure that our energy prices are not held hostage to a volatile market.

“It is the only energy source that is good for the environment that will help us play our part in combating climate change.”


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