McCarthy says UUP appears in turmoil over Tory link-up

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has said that the Ulster Unionists appear to be in turmoil over their link-up with the Tories, following comments from their MLA David McNarry. Mr McNarry had hit out at ‘liberalistos’ who may want to dilute the party’s relationship with the Orange Order.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Mr McNarry’s comments reveal a party in turmoil over their link with the Tories.

“These comments seem to throw doubt upon the link-up and the future direction of the UUP. What is the future for the Ulster Unionists? Do they even know themselves? They are sending out very mixed messages and their voters will be perplexed following these latest comments.

“There appears to be very clear discomfort with the partnership within the UUP, and their leadership may face very turbulent times ahead. As the UUP’s voters don’t know what they are getting, many will take their support elsewhere to parties that offer a clear vision and are working to create a shared future, like Alliance. “


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