McCarthy says England should follow Northern Ireland model instead of badger cull

Alliance Agriculture spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said that England should adopt the Northern Ireland method for combating bovine tuberculosis instead of a badger cull which has begun in parts in of England. In Northern Ireland, badgers are tested, the healthy ones are vaccinated and released while the infected animals are humanely euthanised.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “England should follow Northern Ireland’s model, which is far more humane. Alliance is opposed to any move to cull the badger population to combat tuberculosis. Tuberculosis levels have been falling in Northern Ireland without a cull. This demonstrates that the link is not proven.

“The evidence is currently uncertain that a badger cull would reduce the incidence of tuberculosis amongst Northern Ireland’s cattle. Additionally, we have not seen the outcome of the trial cull in England or the train vaccination in Wales.

“In the absence of such broad-based scientific support, it would clearly not be appropriate to proceed with a costly cull which will end in the needless deaths of hundreds of animals.”


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